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Present Delivery

Please note that the following despatch times should be considered, also that a items presence on the site does not suggest a 'in stock' status, as a live stock monitoring facility is not operational at this time.

IN STOCK - Despatch within 2-5 days.
OUT OF STOCK - Please allow 6 weeks despatch for allowance of manufacture. (Note 'part order' may be despatched if desired).
KITS / LOCK SETS - Please allow 9 -10 weeks despatch. Due to the sometimes many components within a full set of parts, some may require manufacture in order to complete.
As probably comes as no surprise in the present circumstances, delivery of Kits and Lock sets are taking a few weeks longer for completion at this time.

Prior purchase information

Other than our standard terms and conditions, there are other matters that may be of importance to you prior to your purchase of any item/s. the most common are listed below.

We shall assume that the points below are relevant unless 'otherwise stated' within the product description itself

We have supplied the arms restorer, enthusiast, collector and hobbyist with services and products for over 50 years.
Our Restoration services are undertaken to the highest level of finishing and are supplied to the customer completely finished as is usually the understanding between customer and ourselves.
However items from the Products sections usually involve a element of self application, with the understanding that the end user will have access to basic workshop tools.
Most items are requiring of some work, however we are able to assist with any addtional requirements/application if desired at a further cost.
Some items are supplied in a semi/completely finished condition, if something is unclear please do ask.

Paypal can be used for all purchases EXCEPT Pistol Kits. Paypal offers the usual quick payment option by using your Paypal account, Or the option of using your debit or credit card as a 'Guest' but using the Paypal payment gateway to do so.
Worldpay can be used for ALL purchases.
The yellow Paypal button on the first check out screen is the quickest option, as it takes you straight through to Paypals faster payments. No need for other details on our site.
Choosing instead to enter your details and scroll to the bottom of that page to the 'Next' button you will be offered other options of payment, including card payment through the Paypal gateway (NOT to be used for Pistol Kits), or Worldpay (Used for All Products) and its card payment options.

The majority of items shown have been manufactured from moulds/dies that facilitated the 'original' part as master pattern. Thus reproducing a facsimile of the original part.

Any parts listed in our castings sections will be supplied with the feed/runner trimmed to near the casting as is practical. a dressing of the remainder will be required.

Fitting and finishing of castings is required by the user.

We will be happy to entertain any alterations to waxes prior to casting.

In cases where a casting is part of a set, then certain locations etc will be 'cast in' to assist fitting.
However when sold separately (where possible), the item will be filled.
For example - a hammer when sold with a set will most probably incorporate the square, however if sold separately the square would be filled as the chances of fitting correctly on another lock would be most unlikely.

Also no castings are supplied polished, any polished parts seen on the site are done so as to highlight the item for photographic purposes in order to give the viewer greater clarity of the image. .
It must be stressed that any item seen as polished has been achieved simply by a fine wire wheel,

Springs (in cast form) are supplied 'as cast' and will require heat treatment; we can do this for you at additional cost.

Two main metal specifications are used for our castings - EN3b mild steel of medium carbon, and EN8 higher carbon.

Most lock parts are manufactured of EN3b for ease of machining and assembly; however springs are manufactured using modified EN8 steel to increase the carbon content to approximately .75.

Customers may request any casting in any of the above mentioned materials.

Brasses will be assumed 'Yellow' brass, however once again customers may request different specifications to suit their specific needs.

We have our own range branded as 'Gunguard' which is more associated with the more traditional formulae; usually more time consuming, but we prefer to think rewarding with more superior results.
The options to the Gunguard range are the greater accelerated ones as 'Birchwood Casey' and 'Parker Hale'; these are more associated to more modern arms or where time is critical.

These items are all manufactured using an original as pattern for gauge and style.

Items are stocked as practically as our manufacturing schedules permit. There can be cases where an item may require casting or manufacturing, we will endeavour to contact should we foresee a delay to order completion.

Some items are noted as being assembled and finished to order, this will be noted alongside the product, also alerting of the approximate despatch period.

Most small orders will be shipped using our national postal service the Royal Mail. Most items are despatched using First Class mail, second class is not used unless requested.
'Special Delivery' is prominent where original patterns or high value orders are concerned.
We have recently added DHL to our shipping choices although not yet listed on the website 'shipping options' due to it being area specific and not suited to all destinations.

Overseas shipments can be despatched by 'Tracked and Signed' in many cases (location specific) - a more secure service and is a trackable service through the shippers website.
'Royal mail First Class Air' may still be used for overseas to certain order value amounts, however please be aware that NO TRACKING is available with this service. (Many customers are asking for tracking details even when only selecting this more economical service)

Please remember that the final shipping cost will incorporate both 'Packing' and 'Postage'.
Items ordered on-line are monitored and shipping can be amended if we think it calculates disproportionately and to your detriment. If it were to be higher, we would contact prior to continuing.

We have recently reviewed our shipping overseas.
Items other than a low cost will only be sent by Tracked and Signed (location specific).
as it is a more secure method and will bring some peace of mind to both customer and ourselves - the supplier .

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