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E.J.Blackley & Son was established in 1969 by Edward James Blackley in the old Harmer foundry premises in Luton, Bedfordshire, England.
Partnered by his wife Eileen they continued to facilitate the sector of arms restoration worldwide.
Continued growth and lack of expansion possibilities necessitated a move to larger premises and the whole business was moved to Broome, Suffolk in 1980, where as 1200 sq.ft. barn, built from locally mined flint nodules (previously the premises of the Crowfoot Brewery Company) was situated at the rear of a Georgian Farmhouse. This provided the opportunity to house the foundry and machine shop in different departments, but under the same roof, also leaving a separate workshop for the sole purpose of antique weapon restoration.

At this time, son Kevin - who had joined the firm some five years previously - became a partner and the business traded as E.J.Blackley And Son.

In the following years Kevins wife Ros joined the force, with the now more elderly Edward and Eileen retiring from the business. Ros taking the reigns from Eileen, also to be prominent in the workshops.
To this day Kevin and Ros run the business from premises in South West Scotland, maintaining the 'Family business' environment, and taking great pride in such, supplying the highest quality services and parts for the arms restorer.

We have supplied the arms restorer, enthusiast, collector and hobbyist with services and products for over 50 years.
Our Restoration services are undertaken to the highest level of finishing and are supplied to the customer completely finished as is usually the understanding between customer and ourselves.
However items from the Products sections usually involve a element of self application, with the understanding that the end user will have access to basic workshop tools.
Most items are requiring of some work, however we are able to assist with any addtional requirements/application if desired at a further cost.
Some items are supplied in a semi/completely finished condition, if something is unclear please do ask.

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