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How To Use This Site

This page offers assistance in the following: product searching, product ordering, recently added items, measuring and sizing items.

Product Ordering
The ordering process is easily understandable. However, in addition, many products have choices and require selection from a drop-down list. For example, Percussion Hammer 158/159, a choice of Right Hand, Left Hand or Pair are given.

Items without choices - The price is stated with the description next to the image.

Items with choices - The item price is stated within the text of the drop-down list.

Related Items - Where possible we will note the related products to any item, this will be listed under the main description of a product and may act as a link to any related products it may list.

Please note that the postage/shipping is additional to any orders

Measuring and sizing items
Flintcocks are measured from the centre of the square to the tip of the bottom jaw, this will be stated in Imperial and Metric e.g. 1.1/2" - 38.1mm

Any compatable parts to the item will be listed as follows:-
+LP000 (Lockplate) F000 (Frizzen) FS000 (Frizzen Spring) MS (Main Spring) INT (Internals).

The Flintcocks are sold WITH THE TOP JAW hence the new price. In cases where a 'Top Jaw Only' is required, then please visit the 'Top Jaw' section. The more popular Top Jaws will be listed, if the one you are looking for is not listed, you may order from the 'Misc Top Jaws' option which is at the top of the Top Jaw page.

When LEFT and RIGHT items are displayed on the same product image, if you require both, you need to simply order the product as RIGHT AND LEFT HAND and "add to basket".

Frizzens are measured as follows : A=From the bottom of the back striking face to the centre of the pivot hole, also B=The width of the Pan cover.

Lockplates are measured from end to end, height behind the pan fence, also from end to the centre of the pan.

Frizzen Springs are measured from the outside of the bend, to the centre of the screw securing boss.

Sear Springs are measured from the outside of the bend, to the centre of the screw securing boss.

Main Springs are measured from the outside of the bend to the end of the hook/fork. Also from the outside of the bend to the secure hole centre/ or the tip which engages under the lockplate bolster.

Should you have any special requirements, for example an alteration to a standard casting that you would wish to discuss, then please contact us by one of the following methods:-

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