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News on Products, Issues & Events

Here we will announce up-and-coming issues, products soon to be launched and exhibition news. Should you have any questions on any part of the topics then please Email or phone us at your convenience.

Shipping of Kits and Destination Limitations

Please note that only orders with delivery destinations of mainland USA and mainland UK are able to be processed at this time.
Shipping is undertaken by freight shipments, and is different to our previous methods used.
We have attained the services of two excellent freight shipping companies (UK and USA sides) for destinations to USA, where in time those making orders from the USA will be in the knowledge that the Kit will only be requireing of a across-land journey to the recipient address.
UK mainland orders will of course be sent from within the UK.
We are investigating agents for other worldwide destinations and will update once they are in place.

Suspension of some Pistol Kits (Temporary)

We have taken the decision to hold off on any future orders for the Dragoon, Sea Service and Key kits, THIS DOES NOT AFFECT ANY PRESENT ORDERS ALREADY RECEIVED, Also The QUEEN ANNE KIT will continue to be available as normal.

Those products will remain on the site for information purposes, but will not be available for purchase during that period. However lock parts and furniture from those kits will remain for sale in the relevant casting sections
Any orders placed up to that point will of course be processed in the normal manner.
If a 'Add to Cart' button exists on the product page, then the kit can be ordered in the knowledge that the order will be processed as normal.

Quite simply our turnaround times for kit orders have unfortunately over shot the mark, as such we feel that accepting new orders for the more complex and 'production time consuming' kits such as the Dragoon, Sea Service and Key - is hindering our efforts to those kits already on order.
This way we can give existing orders the attention they and the customers deserve.

Original Locks

We are now adding a small selection of original locks for sale
They are by makers such as Bellis, Parker, Forsyth etc. Most will be a left and right handed set.
They are listed in the new section of Original Parts

New Website

As you may now already be aware, we have a new website!
The main purpose for the change was to facilitate the every increasing need for browsing on smaller screened devices, such as smart phones and tablets.
This new 'responsive' design supposedly permits a more pleasurable browsing experience, as the content is captured within your screen, regardless of its size.

As a result some things have changed, and some categories have been amalgamated in order to navigate more comfortably.
A example of this would be that the 'Flintcocks' are now in two sections - Great Britain & Ireland' and 'Rest Of World'.

Checkout Payment Changes

All payments may now be made through the PayPal or WorldPay link.
Whether wishing to checkout and pay with your 'Paypal account', or your 'Debit or Credit card' - the PayPal link can facilitate all methods.
By using this method, no data is transfered to, or seen by us - the seller .


The option of payment by PayPal is now within the checkout process.

This is a much prefered method for many overseas, or those not wishing to disclose certain personal data. The only data issued to us are your email and residential address.
By using this method you are directed through to the Paypal secure website.
You will be requested to login and once payment is made you will be directed back to our site for final closure of the order.
The customer is protected by the PayPal terms of purchase/sale.

Email Request

We have noticed recently that some customers have external Spam facilities associated to their Email accounts.
As a result our automatic order conformation Email would not be received by the customer, more so - any update or query we send relating to the order would also not be received.
We ask that when ordering through this site that you add sales@blackleyandson.com to your 'friends/non spam etc' list on your email/ filtering software.
Please also note that we would only contact where there is a need, we do not advertise random products or contact you through the Email facility unless specific to your order.

Overseas Shipping

Due to some isolated issues recently relating to items sent outside the UK, we have decided to withdraw the standard '1st Class Mail' format of overseas shipping.
Items will now be shipped using the 'Tracked/ Track and Traced' format, where a signiture may be required upon delivery.
In most cases delivery will be made by your national delivery service (USPS etc).

Doglock Set

We are very pleased to announce the launching of our large Doglock castings set.
This is a large 8" lock from a 'club foot' stye stocked musket, It boasted a barrel length of 64 inches long and the overal length of the piece being 89 inches.
Origins presently unknown.

Manton 'V' Pan locks

Another project soon to be announced for sale is a MANTON V pan double lock set.
Details will follow soon.....

New Section

We have introduced a new section to incorporate Edge Weapon parts. Click here

Kit Format

Our kits are now offered with an additional choice of supply - 'Castings Only' format,
No box, barrel, stock, componds etc, just the bare bones casting set.

Changes To Section names

Due to our observation of feedback of the past years we have decided to make some small changes to the names of certain categories within the site.
The Lock parts sections have changes as follows:
1/ 'English' sub sections now known as ' Great Britain and Ireland'
2/ Round faced and Flat faced items (ie: flintcocks, hammers etc) have been merged into the one section,
For example - ' Flintcocks Civilian - Great Britain and Ireland'

The products have changed in no other way whatsoever and the drill down on the site is the same. However we may suggest that those of you who have saved pages to your browser favourites, now locate the page once more and re-save.

Tapping tools

We are now adding Threading tooling to the site.
For those of you constructing our kits, or assembling lock parts.
These are sold in sets, comprising the Tapping drill, Tap and clearance drill all in one convenient package.

New Wogdon Locks

Some may be interested to hear that we have acquired and soon to be making available, new sets of double and single WOGDON pistol parts.

The set will include:
Left and/or right lock set.
Trigger Guard (also single guard for those requiring only the right sided lock.
Double or single trigger assembly.
Standing double or single breech.
Butt cap.
Tail and middle (intermediate) ramrod pipes
These parts are very similar to those in our catalogue known as LP026, with of course the added benefit of a 'double' choice.

As on all our sets, the parts may be purchased as complete or selected items.


Our Miquelet lock set is now included in the Lock sets available, this can be found in the
Lock Sets Doglock, Miquelet, Wheelock, Snaphaunce section of the lock sets

Card Security

Since this site has been operational, we have placed customers data and confidentiality foremost. We are pleased to announce that we now have a posh new logo to prove it!

The 'Security Metrics' logo on the left side of the screen is displayed in order to show visitors to the site, that we are PCI compliant.
This is to say that our system has been inspected and tested to the levels required by the latest Ecommerce data security regulations.

Overseas Payment Transfers

Banking transfers from overseas will now be subject to a £6.00 additional fee.
This is a fee charged to us by our bankers.
We do request a prior arrangement with the customer for any invoice payment by this method.

Barrels and Parts

Pistol barrels and plugs have been added to the site.
Available in machined or blank versions. Click here

Whitworth Lock

Lock set now available to compliment the casting set already available. Click here
Wheellock Link

Wheellock Link

For those raising the issue of the the 'rogue ' part within the Brescian lock set, please Click here


Snaphaunce lock set

Snaphaunce lock set now available


Alex Henry Lock Set

The latest addition to our Lock Sets range is the Alexander Henry Rifle Lock See under Latest Additions or Lock Sets Percussion Rifle
Click here


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