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Dragoon Casting Set

234.00 (No Vat!)

This set compises of the steel lock parts and the brass furniture for the Dragoon pistol kit
All parts are exactly as that of the kit, but no barrel, stock, box etc. Just the bare bones castings.
The screw set however IS supplied with the parts, so as to assist build and assembly.
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Gunguard Brass and Bronze Browning Solution

Gunguard Brass and Bronze Browning Solution

8.50 (No Vat!)

For colouring brass or bronze to a brown patina, fast acting.
100ml Not available outside mainland UK
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Gunguard Degreasing Liquid

Gunguard Degreasing Liquid

5.00 (No Vat!)

A must when preparing items for treatment.
When Browning or Blueing, degreasing is probably the most important process you will undertake, This product assists in the removal of unwanted grease and other deposits that can prohibit the correct colouring of steel barrels and parts.
120ml Not available outside mainland UK

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Gunguard Slow Brown Solution

Gunguard Slow Brown Solution

15.00 (No Vat!)

A superb browning solution, formulated for use on Damascus, however also suitable on non twist barrels.
Please allow approximately 3-8 days for desired finish.
100ml Not available outside mainland UK
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Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid

Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid

9.00 (No Vat!)

Givesa non-streaky, even, blue-black finish to steel.
Not available outside mainland UK
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Parker Hale G96 Gun Blue Creme

Parker Hale G96 Gun Blue Creme

12.25 (No Vat!)

A fast acting blue paste
85gms Not available outside mainland UK
New stock expected approximately 25th September
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Terms and Conditions of Sale (general)

These terms and conditions are applied to non website purchases and transactions.
Website specific terms and conditions may be found during checkout or by following the link at the top right of any site page.

1. General

All terms for projects, materials or equipment to be supplied by or throughout E.J.Blackley & Son (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller") are offered subject to the following expressed terms and conditions, and will assume full knowledge by the buyer of those conditions. No variation of the conditions of sale will be accepted by the Seller unless it has been previously agreed in writing.

2. Prices
All prices quoted are exclusive of postage. Prices are quoted "ex-works" and packing and carriage will be charged at extra..

Customers packing materials or cases cannot be assured returnable. Maintenance or prices quoted cannot be guaranteed, and all goods will be invoiced at prices ruling at the date of despatch.

3. Delivery
Time of delivery will be as stated on the Sellers acknowledgement of order (if applicable), and will commence from the date thereon. The time so stated will be an indication only, and will not sonstitute a contract. Delay in delivery will not entitle the buyer to cancel his order nor will it provide entitlement by the buyer to any indemnity, penalty or compensation.

The goods will be at the buyer's risk when they are delivered into his posession (or that of any other person), or place of delivery authorised by him. The Seller shall not be liable for any losses sustained by the buyer, or any other person, resultant upon delays in delivery or losses in transit, or for any other reason whatever. If the goods have not been received by the buyer within 10 days of the date of receipt by the buyer of the Sellers invoice, the Seller must be informed accordingly and without further delay.

4. Passing of Title
The ownership of all goods (including materials, components and accessories) delivered by the Seller will only be transferred to the buyer when the customer has paid all sums owing to the Seller on any account whatsoever. Prior to such payments, the Seller retains the ownership of the goods. Until the date of payment of all such sums as aforesaid, all goods supplied to the buyer so long as they remain unused and unattached to any object for which they are ultimately intended shall be stored by the buyer in such a way that they remain clearly identifiable as the Seller's property.
If the buyer defaults in payment, the Seller shall be entitled to demand return of the goods as may be necessary and reposses the goods and/or objects to which the Seller has title hereunder.

5. Defects
The Seller will replace or repair at its option any defective products of its own manufacture which prove to be defective within a period of thirty days of delivery by reason of incorrect material or faulty workmanship, provided that such defects are notified to the Seller wityhin 30 days of delivery.

In the event that the Seller may require for inspection all or part of allegedly defective products the return to the Seller's premises of these items shall be at the expense of the Customer. Defective products will become the property of the Seller and must be held to its order. Any product not of the Seller's manufacture is sold under such warranty only (if any) as the makers give the Seller provided the Seller is able without expense to enforce it, but products are not guaranteed by the Seller in any way. In the event of any products being defective, reasonable time shall be given to the Seller to enable it to remedy any defect.

6. Payment
Where applicable mould charges shall be paid for on acceptance of order, either in part or full (or as otherwise agreed upon acceptance of order), and the said moulds to remain the property of the Seller for the exclusive use of the buyer, or as otherwise agreed in writing.

Internet Orders - Payment at point-of-sale, through encrypted On-Line payment facility.

Account Customers - Payment shall be made within seven days of the date of invoice unless agreed in the Seller's Tender or quotation or other written terms of agreement.

Non Account Customers - payment terms are at point of order, at point of collection/despatch or as agreed with the Seller.

Overdue Accounts - The Seller reserves the right to:-
i. charge interest on overdue accounts at the rate of two per cent over the current base rate of the Seller's Bankers at the time the account falls due,
ii. Charge the customers account a fee of £10.00 for each reminder sent for the outstanding balance. Reminders are sent approximately ever seventeenth day following the payment due date and until the payment is settled in full.

6a Payment Type
-Credit Cards :
Some may involve a small fee. There may be exclusions of some card types.
-Cheques :
Made payable to 'E J Blackley and Son', cheques need not be supported by a guarantee card, however a clearance period may be required.
-Bank Transfer : Paid directly to our Business account, prior agreement to be made, or at least notification of intent to pay amounts by this means.
Account details:
Swift Code - BARCGB22
Iban # ----------- IBAN GB64 BARC209208 33247112
Sort Code - 20-92-08
Account # - 33247112

In the case of overseas bank transfers, a fee of £6.00 will be charged and is the responsability of the Buyer to ensure this is included with the payment , this fee is charged to us by our bankers. This fee will be added to the total goods and shipping invoiced amount and worded accordingly on the invoice. This is not applicable to transfers from a UK bank.

7. Force Majeure
The performance of all contracts is subject to variations or cancellation by the Seller owing to any Act of God, war, strikes, lock-outs, fire, flood, drought, tempest or any other cause beyond the control of the Seller or owing to the inability by the Seller to procure materials in the manufacture of products to be supplied by the Seller under the contract.

8. Notice to Purchasers
The following statement is made in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied:-

E.J.Blackley & Son shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage direct of inconsequential, arising from the use or misuse of any product it may sell and wherever such may occur.

Before using, the user shall determine the suitability of the product for the intended use, the suitability of materials, the methods employed in their use and the suitability of the circumstances of which the product is used. Also, the user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.

The foregoing may not be changed except with the written agreement between E.J.Blackley & Son and the purchaser.