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Please note that in order to give greater attention to existing Kit orders, we are withdrawing the Dragoon, Sea Service and Key Kits from sale, although the individual castings will remain available through the various sections of the website.

Following a window of sale for near 30 years, the Queen Anne Pistol Kit in both Silver and Brass furnitrure versions will be removed from sale as from February 2025.
Any orders up to that date will of course be satisfied, the difference being that new orders will not be available to be made from that date.

A range of the most authentic Pistol Kits available. Offering unrivalled authenticity, manufactured in our own workshops and Foundry with the highest quality materials. Please note that all kits are presently supplied with 'Blank' stocks, however a barrel starter chanel is machined in, albeit only on the Dragoon and Sea Service models.
More detail can be found by clicking the link on each seperate product page.
Pleased also read our 'Quick Guide' above by clicking on the link.

It must be understood that these Kits are those of a 'project' type, and not to be confused with the many 'Ready to assemble' parts kits more commonly available. Basic hand tools (Files, Chisels etc, also the relevant threading taps) are required. Although a light duty bench pillar drill would be a advantage, albeit not essential.
All drilling and threading (other than the breech and barrel) and the finishing/polishing of the castings is required of the builder.
In all cases the breech/breech plug is supplied machined, threaded and fitted to the barrel.
The barrel IS NOT supplied in a 'proofed' condition.

The kits can be supplied with various additional operations undertaken prior to it being despatched, sadly at this moment woodwork is not included, however any lock assembly work or similar may be pre-worked. Please Email us with any requirements you may have and we will return a quotation. Please also note that some additional work requested would involve a different despatch schedule.

Please also note that kits ordered for overseas recipients are supplied without the hardening powder, oil and stain.

PAYPAL PAYMENT IS NOT PERMITTED IN REGARDS TO THE PURCHASE OF ANY PISTOL KIT, Please contact for payment options available, thank you.

Dragoon Casting Set


Ref: KIT010

In stock

KEY KIT BASIC (Not presently available)

KEY KIT BASIC (Not presently available)


Ref: KIT005

In stock

Dragoon Pistol Kit (Not presently available)

Dragoon Pistol Kit (Not presently available)

Ref: KIT001b

In stock
Supplied as

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SEA SERVICE PISTOL KIT BASIC  (Not presently available)

SEA SERVICE PISTOL KIT BASIC (Not presently available)

Total Price:375.00

Ref: KIT002

In stock
Supplied as

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