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Contact Technical Issues

UPDATE : Latest advise is our phone system will be operational on 10th July.
We apologise to those being unable to successfully make contact with us through the normal telephone channels.
We have recently undergone a upgrade to a 'all digital' platform, the telephone side of the install is taking a considerable time to migrate, without a firm date of completion.
Presently the call will 'Ring', but then a announcement will be heard to say that the number is not recognised. Please note that the number is very much active and will return correctly once this so-called digital transition is completed.
We would request that during this period contact is made by email on - sales@blackleyandson.com
Apologies to all, an incredible series of events in this modern day of technology!


The previously mentioned Paypal issue with payments is proving intermittent, working in some instances but not others. It has been reported once more and we are assured the correct team are on the case.
However until proven to be fault free, then please be aware there could possibly be a issue if using the paypal platform for your checkout payments.
Thank you and apologies.

Welcome to EJ Blackley and Son

Please note that although our machine shop will be functional 8am to 8pm, our office hours are 8.30am to 12.30pm Monday - Friday.
Any visitation is strictly by prior appointment only.

There have been a large amount of products added to the site in this latest upgrade. Many of those are without images, but will be added as soon as possible.
Whilst we are applying the images to the additional products, images can be requested if desired, please email with the product reference and we will respond as quickly as possible.
Should you have questions regarding any items then please contact us at your convenience.

Queen Anne Kit News

Following a window of sale for near 30 years, the Queen Anne Pistol kit will be removed from sale as from February 2025.
Any orders up to that date will of course be satisfied, the difference being that new orders will not be available to be taken from that date.

Superb pair of Original locks by 'Bellis'.

Superb pair of Original locks by 'Bellis'.
Additional images available upon request.
CLICK HERE for more information on this and other original locks.

Payment Options

We have 2 main payment options available on this website, PayPal - which of course needs no introduction, also recently introduced is Clear Accept - This is used for all Credit and Debit card transactions.

Paypal also permits the use of Debit and Credit cards through their payment portal, however Paypal WILL NOT entertain payments relating to Pistol Kit purchases.
If a customer wishes not to use the Paypal facility, or has a Pistol Kit related purchase, then in all instances please use the
Credit Or Debit Card by Sellerdeck option of payment processing in the checkout section.

Original Parts Added Regularly

Individual original lock parts, from hammers and Flintcocks to Full Working Locks.
Click on the section in the top menu above.

Essential Information!

It is important for visitors to the site to understand how our products are supplied, more-so in regards to the work sometimes required of the end user.
read the information at the top of the relevant sections, also the suggested page listed on the left column (Prior Purchase Information) as it is there to help you decide the suitability.
Please understand that although some items are supplied in a finished condition, many are intended for the Restorer and Hobbiest who have suitable facilities in order to undertake the fitting and finishing required.
If you have any doubt whatsoever, then please contact prior to placing a order.
Thank you.

Original Spring Clamps and more...

New section of Original Arms added

A new sub section of ORIGINAL ARMS has been added to the main 'Original Parts' section.
This new section displays original arms of varying types and conditions, some for the collector and others for those who favour a little restoring.
Items in this section are not able to be purchased directly on the site due to the varying costs of shipping to different destinations. However we will reserve an item for any serious enquiry whilst shipping quotes are established.
Original Locks For Sale

Original Locks For Sale

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